On one of the Patch Tuesdays, when Microsoft regularly updates the toolbar, there was an installation of an add-on to the Mozilla Firefox as it was for the Internet Explorer. As the user tried to update the toolbar as it was instructed by Microsoft, there was an automatic update for these two browsers too. The important aspects of this add on was that the user was not asked for any permission to update the browsers. No one has any clear idea as to why the update for the browsers is happening when the Microsoft Company does not specify or tell anything about this update.

Automatic add-on

The most important aspect of this update is that when the company released the update, it was not marked as the usual optional where the update has to be done by the user. Instead, the update was given as important and this will cause the update to occur without any permission from the user. It can also occur as soon as the user clicks on the manual installation without the computer asking permission from the user if he needs the specific update.

Unhelpful details on Microsoft support page

There was very little information regarding these updates. Also, the page where Microsoft explains the updates, generally talks about these updates and there are no specific details about the addon function that occurs automatically.

When the addon for the Internet Explorer, as well as that for the FireFox was checked in detail, there was not much addition to the information and the knowledge. It could only be learnt about the versions that were updated, and so it could not be found as to what they were doing in these updates. Also, when they were uninstalled, nothing happened, but deleting the files was possible and it restored the previous settings.

Mozilla users are first to identify change

The internet explorer users were not able to identify the change in the installation because when the internet explorer is launched after an update is done, there is no immediate check on the identification of addon’s in the computer. On the other hand, in the Firefox, the situation is different and so every user who updated their computer with the latest version found that they also had something that they had not asked for and this was the Search helper that was present as an extension.

The automatic installation of the Search helper extension occurred in all the computers that had the installations of the toolbar of Microsoft. There is no count as to how many computers fall into this category and had this automatic installation done, but almost all the new computer buyers who installed the software would have had this add on reach their system.

Microsoft not aware

The most important aspect of the whole episode is that neither Microsoft nor the Mozilla Firefox company people are aware of this automatic update. Either this or they are not letting the people learn what the whole episode is all about. They also assure that there will be no security implications because of this automatic add on that happened in all the computers who have a Microsoft toolbar installed.