Do you feel that Windows Live Messenger has become too outdated, and needs a revamp? Well, guess what Steve Ballmer has something running through his mind, and he’s just announced a newer version of the Windows Live Messenger!

Something that the Windows Live Messenger had been lacking very badly was the HD quality video chats, and integration with popular social media networks. No points for guessing that the updated Live Messenger version will give you the capability to send Facebook messages to other users, and update their statuses on various social media networks. It will however be pretty interesting to see how Microsoft goes about with its rivalry with Google; whether or not we’ll see Twitter as the part of this social media group, only time will tell. But, it is quite sure that Facebook fans are going to be fairly happy with this updated version of the Windows Live Messenger. And, users will also be given the flexibility to prioritize their favorite friends from the various social networking groups, and do lot more from within the program.

Microsoft has been working on a series of updates to the Windows Live services as a part of “Wave 4” mission, and they’ve extensive plans for this year. Microsoft has also been working hard to put a check on software counterfeiting, and trying to integrate Windows Live in all the latest PCs with extremely high security levels. What’s really interesting is Microsoft’s claim that over three fourth of the PCs will be shopped with Windows Live by the end of this year.

Coming to the security part, Microsoft has always been heavily criticized for creating programs that are highly vulnerable to security threats, hacks, and other similar problems. Hence, they’ve decide to provide three privacy settings in the latest version of the WLM. However, the best part of the story is that even the lowest security level will not expose any kind of personally identifiable info. So, we’re hoping that Microsoft’s claims indeed turn out to be true in reality, and we’ll have complete control over the personal info, docs, pictures, and other content shared with friends. But, you never know when things wrong, and how a talented hacker may manage to break through your Windows Live account; the result would be absolutely devastating – indeed, in such cases, you’ll end up losing all your accounts, and valuable info in a flash.

Of course, Microsoft must have considered all such minor issues, but it is still quite likely that Microsoft may ultimately miss out on something.

Another interesting thing that we’ll have to see is the extent to which, Microsoft will revive photo sharing, instant messaging, and e-mail services that were stripped by MS in last past couple of updates. What’s more, it looks like Microsoft is also working on Windows Live Messenger from for the iPhone as well.

The latest version of the WLM is under testing phase, and a beta version is expected sometime in August, while the full fledged version is expected to be rolled out into the market by the year end.