Microsoft is taking the mobile world to a really great level. The company had been in the news on several occasions for bringing up innovative ideas that are capable of bringing a great deal of transformation to the mobile world. By the time you compare Microsoft Corporation to many other computer hardware and software industries, you will discover that there is practically no comparison as Microsoft is able to withstand all of these companies considerably.

What’s new?

One of the latest inventions of Microsoft is the new browser plug-in called Silverlight. This particular browser plug-in is able to play media files along with so many other web applications. All that the browser plug-in needs to work with any kind of web application is the availability of the application to work on windows and Macintosh. Various web browsers can be used along with the starlight; some of them are internet explorer, Firefox and even safari.

What does it do?

The browser plug-in called Silverlight is capable of so many other functions. It has the ability to display interactive animations, graphics and various audio and video features; it is able to perform all these on a fixed window of the screen web browser.

With the browser plug in. Microsoft was able to present several hours of free streaming video of the recently concluded China Olympics. This proves that the Silverlight is able to offer you the ability to watch various forms of online videos right on your system as long as you are using it with any of the internet browsers mentioned above. You will also need to remember that as long as an application works on windows or mackintosh, then it can be played with the silverlight browser plug-in.

Its limitation

One limitation to this plug-in is that it is only available to users from the United States alone. This means that any other user from outside the United States may not be able to have access to this great product from Microsoft Corporation for now. Microsoft is however is determined to continue their research work towards the development of the product so as to make it more available to all and sundry the world over. This will enable all Microsoft users to have access to this great browser plug-in called the silverlight.

The promotional move

To make it  available to the United States users, Microsoft had decided to show the product for free to all. This is some kind of promotional move on the part of Microsoft Corporation with intent to create some awareness about the new browser plug-in.

What about Linux users?

It is not only windows users and mackintosh users alone that can have access to the usage of the silverlight. Microsoft had also made it available for those who have only Linux operating system on their computer systems. This is made available through some kind of partnership between Microsoft and Novell.

Mobile availability

In the nearest future, Microsoft is planning to make this plug-in available on mobile. This will ensure that mobile phone users too can easily make use of the silverlight on their mobile phone even while they are on the move.