Recently announced is the worldwide partnership of Microsoft and Fujitsu in order to bring cloud computing local users. Fujitsu will deploy Windows Azure at its data centers. On 12th July, this year, during the worldwide partner conference of Microsoft, the top executives gave a detailed description about the new Windows Azure and how will it affect the users and independent software vendors.

Windows Azure Platform

Windows Azure Platform is basically a combined set of services accessible to users by installing Windows Azure on their computer. The services will be available through the Internet and users will be able to access and use services without having to install them onto their systems. The platform is comprised of a number of services that users mostly related to networking and programming require. A diagram of the flow of this application is shown at Windows Azure applies Cloud Computing in its infrastructure, described more in detail below.

Cloud Computing

It is a term used to describe a network based computer setup that allows the users using that network to access resources, information and services without having to install them on their own personal computer. The user is able to log on to such network through applications that a cloud computing based. Cloud computing has provide a low cost solution to computing. Since everything required is available on the network, you won’t need to install extra hardware and software for you convenience. All a user needs is a fast and compatible internet connection, since all the services available basically on the Internet. For further and detailed information visit


A Japanese multinational company, Fujitsu, provides services related to computer hardware and IT. The company has its paws in many territories of Information Technology worldwide and its headquarters are based in Tokyo. Fujitsu is the world’s third biggest IT solutions provider. It has over 185,000 employees worldwide and affiliates in 70 countries. Fujitsu being responsible for Japan’s first computer FACOM 100, is also a leading and largest IT hardware Supplier in Europe with the alliance of Siemens AG. The company is known as Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

The Companionship

Fujitsu together with Microsoft is planning on transforming the cloud computing. First Fujitsu will deploy Windows Azure platform at its data centers and then it will be available to other small data centers as well. The company will begin deployment with its Fujitsu Tatebayashi System Center by the end of 2010.

Fujitsu aims to enhance and spread its cloud computing technology worldwide. It expects an estimated revenue of 45 billion Yen this year, through its cloud computing. This is almost double the revenue generated last year. It is planning on an investment of 100 billion Yen this year. It is also planning to expand it’s cloud computing platform to at least five countries outside Japan by May 2011. These countries are US, Britain, Singapore, Germany and Australia.

This companionship is also of great importance for Microsoft as it has invested a great deal in this project. And, without any doubt, it does expect a lot as well.

Let’s just hope this turns out to be another extraordinary team.