It was announced recently that Microsoft Advertising and Mediabrands have reached such a position in the development of (MOMS) Media Operation Management System, which is unique and unmatchable in the market. The development is considered a milestone in connecting marketing ecosystem and has been explained as an agency agnostic enterprise level structural design and architecture. Deep research had been on in full swing from Microsoft experts to produce such development in this regard.

Media Operation Management System was given a green light signal about a year ago, and since then Microsoft and Mediabrands teams were struggling very hard to incorporate experienced and qualified professionals from data and industry trade organizations, renowned publishing houses and other agencies. The American Association of Advertising Agencies has played a very important role as a leading industry wide coalition to inspect all the aspect of the project and further develop it. The industry, after taking role as a leader, has provided valuable support and help. It is also considered that without out its role, the project could not have been acquired.

This is a matter of sorrow that there is not much information available to be utilized and what people today have access to, is of imperfect and poor quality that marketers have no other option but to accept it and make their decisions on that basis. Such decision making gives them no benefit and they have to bear the pain of unavailable truly actionable data. Media Operation Management System has been designed in such a way that it has the capacity to bond disconnected parts of marketing ecosystem and further encourages and inspires long lasting collaboration and innovation all over the industry. It was expressed by Chief Digital Officer-Quentin George-of Mediabrands.

He also added that when they began they had great and aggressive ambition and determination to unite as much partners as possible and the world can see us ready having leading partners with the whole and unique marketing spectrum to support and join together a truly integrated solution. He thanked and appreciated for the American Association of Advertising Agencies for accepting the offer to develop an unbreakable coalition, which will transform the future of industry.

President and CEO-Nancy Hill-of the American Association of Advertising Agencies told that there were a lot of questions constantly raised by agency partners for solutions to meet key changing needs and requirements of business and now MOMS has the capability to meet each of them very easily through supportive technology that will make possible interpretability and further drive economic and operational efficiencies.

In simple words, this the way where agencies can find a platform to finally reach their goals and realize the economic and business efficiencies in a short period of time that other industries and business took more than 10 years to get benefits from. A true and honest industry partnership will encourage and drive the forward and the American Association of Advertising Agencies is determined and committed to join hands with leaders keen to turning vision into action.