The fight between the search engines is still on and all the search engines are coming up with something new to fascinate the users and increase their market share. Though there are many but only Google and Bing stay in news. Bing is comparatively new search engine in the market and so it is trying hard to gain acceptability and popularity in the market. In just one and a half year Bing has gained a market share of 11.8%. Bing has around 90 million users and out this 72% of the users are repetitive users. Apart from this, there has been record 5.5 million downloads of the Bing’s iPhone app. This app is meant for installing the Bing search engine on the iPhone and holds a place in the top 10 apps of the iPhone. Bing has been making lots of changes and additions in its search engine like addition of Facebook in it. One of the additions is adding the “Add as Friend” button next to results in the Bing. The newest addition is the addition of the Facebook’s “Like” button in the Bing’s results page. If you search for anything in Bing and that happens to have a page on Facebook, then you can directly become a fan of it by just clicking on the Like button next to it. It is a nice approach from Microsoft for gaining popularity among the users because this is like bringing all into one.

Apart from this, Microsoft is constantly updating Bing along with improvising the idea behind online searches. One of the most liked features of Bing is the addition of Tabs in the search results and categorisation of search results. For example, if you search Jaguar, then results can be of Jaguar as an animal or Jaguar as the Car. In such cases, Bing will smartly arrange the results in separate Tabs like one for Jaguar the animal and second Tab for Jaguar the car. It is the newest and the most unique thing ever added in any search engines till date and is called as smart tabs in Bing. Now, you don’t need to open the links and see if it interests you. You can simply move the mouse over the links in the results and get a glance of the actual page. Bing’s image search is also gaining popularity. Bing has improved the display of result images and they can be arranged as tiled.

Bing has also worked a lot on the front of entertainment and destination search. Out of all the improvements, Bing is making one thing that seems to be common and it is the approach of getting all in to one. For example, if somebody searches for football game timings, then he will also get options for booking a ticket for that game. Isn’t it good?