Bing the new Search Engine by Microsoft is slowly and steadily making its move in various data stores to broaden its searching capabilities. It is intelligently targeting private data stores like Facebook, Libraries and other sources so that its database increases and the probability of users getting the correct search result increases. Recently Bing joined hands with Facebook so that it can give extra information about a person if search by someone via Bing. Now if you search for any person on Bing and if that person is available on Facebook then you get his or her information on Bing’s search results page and you will also get options to add that person as a friend from Bing directly. This is definitely a great move and in addition to this Bing has now intruded in to the Books of French library. French library is house for millions of books in soft format and is a great source of information. This information about the books, the entire content of the books, and the writers information was earlier not available via a search engine, but now with Bing you can easily get a book and read its details and the contents. Not only Books but the French library is a house for all the newspapers published since 19th century and the original manuscripts, and drama etc written in the 16th century.

Microsoft has signed a non-exclusive agreement with the French Library which means that though the search engine can result the text of search strings from the books of the library but the entire book will not be available for reading through the search engine. Whatever the agreement be at least people would get what they look for and rest they can dig by themselves. This is an effort to cut down the domination of Google in the European countries and make Bing as the first thought when it comes to searching of something. In recent years Google has changed the way people use to find for anything. Google has brought down everything on one page. Google is so popular that people often say “I Googled” instead of “I Searched”. Bing definitely has to go a long way but even Google didn’t get the popularity which it has today in one day. Google also took pretty decent time in becoming the first search engine and leaving the Yahoo Search, AOL Search, and MSN search behind.

Bing Search which will be available to its French users is not the same which we see in United States. The French version of Bing is nothing more than the same old Live Search Engine of Microsoft which a new attire now. The French version of Bing is not that intelligent and it doesn’t use the Decision engine while displaying the results. Microsoft however is working on a all new search engine but it will take some time and the move incorporating French library in itself will definitely be as a starter of its publicity in European countries.