Microsoft’s associate general counsel and director of legal and corporate affairs has called for APEC harmony across the region. He also appealed to increase regional regulatory and legal harmonization. Australia is the main focus point of this talk and he told that Australian enterprises are adopting cloud computing very much but the worry is the data sovereignty and cross border data. It should be flow between government to government, and government to enterprise level in order to tackle lingering concerns organization have about cloud computing.

Cross border data flow and sovereignty is very important and every body have to follow the rules and regulations. He told iTwire that we would like to see more harmonization across the region and Australian government should awake to this issue. As expected this issue wiil be main topic in the upcoming APEC meetings scheduled to be held in Yakohama, Japan from 13 November.

He also pressurized the issue and told that it is possible for a common market for data in APEC. He will be there to raise his voice for regional harmonization on rules governing data flow and privacy. The issue will be main agenda in APEC meetings and APEC members will be agree to do as Microsoft chief software strategist Craig Mundie will tell to do more about data privacy.

According to Microsoft sources “Australia will play a strong and supportive role in the PAEC meetings”. Data privacy is very important and when cloud computing is getting bigger; the issue should be tackled as it can be harmful. Microsoft is very keen about the issue and the have taken a regional approach to cloud hosting with data centers in the US, Europe and Singapore. Singapore also serves Australia and other region; it is very interesting to see the APEC results.