Loved the Xbox 1 Vs 100? But this fantastic game show won’t return. For those who are waiting for the next season of Xbox 1 Vs 100, the bad news is that Microsoft has decided to move on to future projects, thereby closing down on the game show. 1 Vs 100 was a revolution in the game show arena. It was totally a new genre of entertainment and entirely a new concept for those who wanted to be involved in game shows. The popularity of the game can be imagined by seeing the figures that Sprint and Honda had reportedly paid about $1 million for advertising the pilot season of the game show. The game show was a perfect blend of the power of the Internet with the traditional TV game shows that have always captured audience. The game had the highest level of engagement ever by an online game show.

For those who missed the famous 1 Vs 100, it should be known that 1 Vs 100 was basically a trivia show. During the game, one contestant was supposed to outlast a group of 100 other contestants. Each one out of the hundred would be eliminated with wrong answers. Interestingly, the players who were not a part of the game had a chance to get involved in the game, answer the questions, and hence rotate in the game. The famous comedian Chris Cashman offered prizes to the winners in the semi weekly shows.

1 vs 100 was included with the Xbox Live Gold subscription. You would be amazed to know that at one point of time, this live show attracted more than 60,000 players. The Microsoft team has made no comments on the reasons to pull the plug over the record-breaking game show. The only statement issued in this respect is that the team involved in 1 Vs 100 would move on and use the experience in other projects. One good reason that might be the cause of cancelling the next season of this spectacular online game show is that the original 1 Vs 100 that was hosted by Bob Saget for two successful seasons is planning a return on NBC. May be that concerns Microsoft for a while.

No matter what the reason is, it is really expected that Microsoft comes up with a replacement of the very innovative 1 Vs 100. Microsoft brought the revolutionary concept of the massive multiplayer online game show that set a Gunnies Book of World Record of having maximum number of contestants in game show. With Microsoft planning ahead with great stuff like Kinect Motion sensing camera where you can see your avatar doing the same stuff like kicking or may be waving hands like you do in reality, it is expected that Microsoft comes up with something great for the crowd that made this revolutionary game show a huge hit.