The two great software giants were almost always in a struggle to prove whose products are the best. In this competition the two company men used to find out the disadvantages of the other and prove the advantages of using their own product. This time it is Microsoft who has risen the issue of customer support in their battle.

Microsoft Challenges Google Over Docs

According to Microsoft it is them who are having the tradition of supporting their customers through emails and phone calls and also through their online staffs. But as far as Google is considered they don’t offer such support to their customers says Microsoft.

Barbara Gordon who is the Microsoft corporate vice president of customer service and support has said in a blog post that she would guess negatively if Google is contacted for support on a missing or lost Google doc. She also added that even finding out their contact number would be of great difficulty. She also said that the best way to mitigate the risk of cloud downtime would be to use on premise Office.

Not only Microsoft but some of its channel providers like Evolve technologies also provide the support services to the customers. Even though Gordon missed to mention their partner channels, the CEO of Evolve Technologies, a Fairfax, VA base solution provider says that Microsoft is stronger in providing customer support compared to Google as it has a great support from its partners. His view has been supported by Daniel Duffy, CEO of Valley Network Solutions, a solution provider in California. Duffy added that Google cannot compete with Microsoft in providing local service and the ‘face time’.

Reasons and prove why Office 2010 is Superior

Microsoft has recently begun to sort out reasons and prove why Office 2010 is superior. It has started to number out the disadvantages of Google Apps’ like reliability, security issues, hidden operational costs and document fidelity compared to Office 2010.

Even though it seems that Gordon has overlooked in mentioning the role of partners of Microsoft in offering customer support, the company spokesperson didn’t forget to mention in the email. In it he has stated that the integrated services offered by both Microsoft and its channel partners are complete and this differentiates them from their competitor in this issue.

Whatever may be the advantages or disadvantages of Microsoft and the Google, the ultimate benefiters are going to be customers in receiving better support from both of them as the problem has been raised into an issue of competition. However some of the customers feel that the customer support offered by Microsoft and its channel partners is a paid service and Google’s being a free service. Some even consider that there may need not a customer support by Google as Google Apps’ are problem free.

However the Google Apps’ is still in its infancy, and it has to cross a long path and I am sure that there will be some technical problem if more user will start using Google Apps’.