Microsoft recently imposed royalty fees on Android handsets made by Acer and Asustek computers in Taiwan for using its patents in e-mail, multimedia and other functions. Only HTC has been signed for licensed use of Microsoft patents and can deploy it in Android and Chrome OS unlike Acer and Asustek who were deterred from using windows mobile for their notebooks or tablets pc. Android handset makers have been asked to pay a royalty of minimum of US$10-15 for each handset deprived of the licensed patents.

HTC made a smart move by inking a patent licensed deal with Microsoft that is going to allow HTC to continue its using the Google designed android operating system in its phones.HTC being the first company creating the first Microsoft powered smart phones and also the first  Microsoft 3G phones. HTC and Microsoft have also agreed to design and develop the next generation phones based on the blueprint of Microsoft smart phone software platform known as “stinger” which is going to set new standards in the functionality of smart phones.  “Stinger” is based on Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 , a highly multicomponent embedded operating system for 322-bit connected client devices that demands rich applications and internet service, specifically designed for mobile phones to extend battery life and reduce memory requirements.