Big or small, familiar or the unpopular, the voice of the intellect has to paid heed to under all circumstances. It is not insisted or forced to oblige but to pay attention and think it over twice might unveil the hidden. In that aspect despite being the biggest conglomerate that is almost running a monopoly through ages with the maximum application of its operating system is now pinpointing something to be brought into lights. Yes obviously the Microsoft is putting light on certain essential facts for a noble cause. Who is being targeted is in fact a secondary matter of issue while considering the aspect of reasoning incorporated in it. Further details down under for your perusal.


The biggest search engine constituting almost a lion’s share of the market could be considered as the target of the claim but not necessarily so. To put it very point blank, the Microsoft has raised the question of authenticity of the search results arriving in the search engines to the federal communications commission. When a particular search engine alone is allowed to enjoy the privilege of being a unanimous choice of majority of the users of the World Wide Web, there is enormous amount of risk associated with it. The consumers are left with no other option but to believe entirely on what the results are shown in the dominant search engine blindly. The chances for the end user to be framed or deceived by mislead are very higher.

Consumer’s menace

On the contrary if there is more option, which means the share of the market as far as search engines are concerned are evenly poised then the possibilities of such questions would seldom arise. But here as everybody knows huge amount of promotion and advertisement is being done on behalf of the paid customers by these search engines generally. You can imagine the amount of highly paying customers that would be available for a premier search engine that would have seventy percent of the market share if not exaggerated. So there always lies a possibility for the specific search engine to alter the results of the search in such a way the highly paid customer’s results are shown in higher priority. In this case the consumption is totally being misled and this is absolutely unfair too. Whether this is really happening or not is not the question, but to watch out like a hawk anytime on the activities of these search engines becomes mandatory under this perspective. Otherwise which the risk as well as the menace involved is massive from the consumer’s point of view and this fact cannot be overlooked by the federal communications commission for the sake of one and all.

In spite of having conquered the global market to a greatest extent of almost ninety two percent with it operating system, the Microsoft is still as aggressive as ever and keen on watching the market so closely.

The way things are going on with Google, it absolutely needed a check and it came almost in the right time. Experts suggest that it is still a very late claim and it should have been routed since long time now for it has got stuck in the rut now. But it is better late than never.