A new tandem of Corporations is teaming up between the Hewlett-Packard (Hp) and the Microsoft Corporation.

The biggest news

Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Corporation have made their decision on joining forces to create a competitive product to watch out for in the computer technology market. This is with regards to the creation of touch screen tablet computers.

The said companies are now planning on their way to compete the planned product to their tight rivals. Many consumers are now adopting into the kind of style and innovation slate computers offers them. With this, they have come into mind of making their own competitive version using the new acquired WebOS operating system from the Palm.

New era of Slate Computers

Slate computers or most popularly known as the tablet computers are designed in a touch screen basis but with the functions of a desktop computers.

Since the last released of the Apple’s iPad, consumers have been shifting their way and sense of style on choosing the right computers for them. With Apple’s increase of revenue from the tremendous sale of iPad alone, businessmen and rival companies have concluded the new approach and trend the slate computers brought in today’s time.

With this, the HP Corporation and the Microsoft Corporation are now planning to rival the popular Apple’s iPad on the market. And also giving their planned slate computers an edge from it.

The Partnership

Microsoft Company claimed about the HP’s as one of their solid consumers in technology business and has gone their way up together in motivating for a greater technology ahead with a deep partnership level.

Today, they will proceed to a much deeper level of agreements and together will set forth a new trend of innovative computers.

Along with the Palm, the two united companies are now into their moves of planning and on their described as best and competitive slate computers far way better than the iPad itself.

With confidence, they are quite sure the project will come to its success. And will find all consumers again shifting back to them.

Furthermore, the Palm has also released a good hint of one of the features on the planned slate computers regarding the use of Adobe’s Flash, wherein the rival company Apple has blocked the application on their iPad version.

This will only shows how tight will the competition be when the new planned slate computers will be finally release.


Many of the technologies and technological companies are into their own techniques regarding making good competitive products.

Consumer’s needs are one of the biggest contributing factors that will help this companies improve more regarding their creation of products and their approach to the needs of the majority. Although quite risky, companies are still on their moves.

With the new and biggest partnership to happen for a one single blow of project, many will be expecting a good outcome exceeding the rivals sales and status in the market.