In an announcement that is bound to leave many running for the new application, Kofax Plc announced it had incorporated Kofax Capture, its software with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Kofax Plc is a document management solutions company.

Increased Connectivity

The new move enhances connectivity between end users as Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 allows SMB users to connect and give feedback to various requirements such business, while still enabling them to reduce their overall spending as it offers a unified infrastructure. With the new incorporated product being launched, the advantage has now been given to end users given the benefits and strengths of Kofax Capture’s document capture abilities. What this represents for users like you and I is that it has now enabled you to manage and take charge of documents via the information cycle, sharing, distributing and accessing information.

Growth In SMBs

The move comes amidst a realization of the ever growing number of SMBs and their information sharing needs that are as well growing, therefore SMBs need to share more information and work together on their various undertakings. At the release of the new combined application, Kofax said its software, Kofax software, will serve as the information on-ramp to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and is expected to enable corporations get more value from their daily business undertakings. On the other hand, the Microsoft Group believes the new product, SharePoint Server 2010-Kofax Capture integration comes as a powerful addition that will help users capture document, process them and still enable greater accessibility for a variety of end users.

Microsfts Advanced Platform Usage and Benefits

The new application takes advantage of Microsoft’s advanced business platform, for which SharePoint Server 2010 is a part, meant to enable you connect faster, respond quickly to business needs while keeping the costs at anal time low.  The application will work by leveraging SharePoint Server 2010’s state-of-the-art abilities and enable users to connect with other individuals, for instance employees, clients and partners in business faster and more reliably with its ability to deliver tailored and relevant, desired information to the targets. It is expected that the new incorporated product from Kofax plc and Microsoft Group brings with one of a kind document capture, processing and accessibility. Because Kofax Capture sort of adds value to SharePoint Servers 2010 and will be crucial in the delivery of accentuated productivity, most people can only hope for increased connectivity and collaboration in a wide range of applications used in everyday life.

With more firms taking up the new application, it is hoped that the application will help such firms respond to customer needs more robustly and offer quality, top service in their various industries of business. With Kofax Capture’s known efficiency in accentuating business procedures through scanning documents and forms and then giving accurate and retrievable electronic data, businesses are bound to gain from the use of such software. It has made business process applications much better and more efficient as it works quite well regardless of if the information is on paper or embedded in an electronic file.