With Bill Gates popularity and wealth, you would believe that he could actually do almost anything in this world that he wills. Well, that may be a wrong perception. Because there is something that Bill Gates dreams of doing but actually wasn’t able to do so. Yes, it is about technology stuff. It is actually about a gadget which is thinner than a magazine and is touch screen. If you are thinking about iPad, yes that is exactly what this is about!


In 2005, Bill Gates had the vision of having a touch screen tablet that would rock the whole world called the Project Origami. His vision was to create a handy PC that is thin and could be effectively brought anywhere but still manage to perform excellent techie functions. This is what he envisioned of. But this is also what he was not able to do.

Samsung was able to defeat Gates with the said vision but has failed terribly in the aspect of its battery’s life. Apple was so far the best that offered what Gates envisioned 5 years ago. Apple’s iPad was widely accepted by technology and gadget enthusiasts all over the world. It is one of the gadgets that people would die for to have nowadays. And this is also the same gadget that Microsoft would work hard for just to be able to make and develop one.

Differing Project Plans

The real deal with this is the fact that Microsoft seems to let the vision out of their grasp. There may be many factors which led to the failure of Microsoft to develop the said vision that Gates was sharing five years ago. And one of the said major reasons is that the Project Origami came in too early. Aside from this, many problems have bombarded Microsoft regarding their OS. Graphic, low-end hardware and short battery life have been some of the problems which Microsoft has encountered.

Moreover, with the existence of more competitions on smaller, cheaper yet good quality PCs, Microsoft seem to think that nothing will change and so they stick with their large and expensive PCs. With the existence of netbooks, the company is undergoing more troubles and difficulties.

Still, the fact remains that even though the company seems to foresee the future of having iPads and the like; the same company is not able to cope up with the swift development of the future. And despite the effort of the company and the current developments on the said tablet, the long wait seems to have been spoiled. In the present, Apple will be releasing its iPhone version four. Thus three versions have already passed by just with some small improvements from the Microsoft.

With the current lead of Apple in the field of the envisioned tablets, more efforts are to be required from Microsoft. The company has to do more than just convince the hardware companies to be the ones to build the Windows 7 tablets. Multi-touch support seems to be the big first step that the company has made. But it has a long way to run to outdo the leading Apple in the said field.