According to the rumors, Microsoft Netherlands has said that the company is expecting the next version of their Windows operating system, Windows 8 by 2012. The software giant, Microsoft posted on its Dutch website that the next version of their operating system will be released in two years from now. Tom Warren from WinRumors was the first person to spot this on the Dutch news website of Microsoft.

While celebrating the first anniversary of Windows 7, Microsoft Netherlands reported in an official press release that the company is expecting the next version of Windows operating system, Windows 8 in 2012. Citing the rumors that it has created, Microsoft Netherlands has pulled down the news from their website for the time being. So was this message put up for the celebration of Windows 7 first anniversary?

The software company, Microsoft has already termed its new version of operating system, Windows 8 as a major release. Like Apple, Microsoft is also planning to come up with a new Windows app store. Apple has its own Mac App Store. Apple has recently announced its next major Operating System release as Mac OS X Lion. Apple has loaded the Mac OS X Lion with number of exciting features.

We hope that Microsoft will make sure that there should be no leak of information regarding the Windows 8 operating system till the time Windows 7 gets adopted by its users. Also before the release of Windows 8 it is expected that Microsoft will come out with the Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2 of Windows 7.