It is good news for anyone using a Microsoft operating system. People specially using the Windows 7 OS will get an update for crashes and sudden restarts. We hope the coming updates will solve the matter.

From among features that this update will bring is the copy and paste feature which is being highlighted. With this new feature, you can copy any text from emails, or text messages, and web pages, and put it on a ‘paste’ command wherever you can type.

This update according to the company will reduce time taken for apps and games to begin as well as resume.

The update also surely will give an improved WP7 search feature for apps market place. This will ease it to find specific applications, music or games. For example, in case you press the ‘Search’ button, in the applications or games section, you will see only results for applications and games.

Microsoft is anxious to get copy / paste functionality out to Windows Phone 7 users in a hurry. In his CES keynote, Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft said it’d be coming soon a little hint on Microsoft’s site shows that it be as soon as January 2011. The URL used by Microsoft for the update details page has “january-update.aspx”, which can be pretty telling. The launch date can slip up and the Microsoft’s Paul Thurrott thinks it could be early February before it can actually reach the users’ devices.

No clipboard activity is supported in Windows Phone 7 – which is crazy, given that Windows Mobile platform has supported copy/pasting for many years. Instead according to Microsoft there will be data-detection service built-in which will make available phone numbers and addresses.

But will that be good enough for the users, especially given reactions over lack of features on an iPhone. Also given we know Windows Phone 7 will not multitask, either, and here we are not able to fathom Microsoft’s strategy.

Using copy / paste is easy as well as intuitive. In many instances, you just type a word, the slide to highlight any additional text then, click on the Copy icon. To insert the text into a message or application, just tap the place where it has to go then, click on the Paste symbol.

Copy and paste a handy way for quickly sending someone’s latest updates, turn-by-turn directions from Maps, or a link from Internet Explorer on your Mobile. Once you have copied some text, you can repeatedly paste it. So these features and facilities on the Windows 7 will be added on as an update that is forthcoming by February end or so.