Microsoft has officially released the 2011 version last night of its CRM tool, called Dynamics. Announced long back the product is specifically called Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011, which operates as a hosted (Software-as-a-Service or SaaS). Dynamics Online is available in 40 countries.

Dynamics Online is a professional product intended to change the image of the company: Microsoft cloud passes. The editor proposes the outset a very aggressive price. The access will cost 31 Euros per user per month for the first year. (the rate rising to 40.25 Euros).Please note, however, this is a promotional price is valid for a subscription before June 30 .The price remains relatively low when compared to competitors Oracle CRM On Demand which is charged $ 75 per user per month, and, with two versions: $ 65 and $ 125. After June 30, new subscribers will pay 40.25 Euros per month per user. Also note the promotional rate is automatic for users of volume licensing.

Dynamics CRM Online 2011 therefore leaves its beta phase. It lasted four months, with 11,500 customers worldwide. Microsoft has established data centers everywhere, and has integrated its software into the SaaS suite Microsoft Online Services. The publisher also announced its integration into cloud service pack, Office 365, by June 2011.Aggressive communication and assistance plans for the migration tools from Oracle and are added. Microsoft offers $ 200 per user for the costs, provided they subscribe to 15 licenses Dynamics CRM Online.