Microsoft® Excel 2003 Add Ins

Significance of add-ins used with Microsoft Excel 2003

Add-ins are considered as an important tool in Microsoft Excel, and so is the case with Microsoft Excel 2003. The add-ins are mainly used for work automation and for increasing productivity. There are various add-ins available for Microsoft Excel 2003. Compare Spreadsheets, Remove Duplicates, Fix Broken Links, Advanced Consolidation Manager, Tables Transformer, and Similar Data Finder are some of the commonly used add-ins. By using these tools, a user could easily compare files in Microsoft Excel 2003. Easy processing of duplicate files and fixing of broken links are also made possible with the implementation of the add-ins. A user can simply find out the cells with similar values. For easy and fast transformation of current tables to construct a summary, users can rely on the add-ins.

Every add-in has its own specific role and responsibility. Some common add-ins are:

  • Spreadsheet Compare
  • Duplicate Remover
  • Fixing Broken Links
  • Similar Data Finder
  • Table Transformer

Spreadsheet Compare

Spreadsheet Compare is a powerful and suitable Microsoft Excel add-in for the comparison of files and spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel. It is designed with a very user-friendly interface. This add-in is able to work with files, tables, or selected range of cells. It is able to work with tables without opening them in Microsoft Excel.

Duplicate Remover

Duplicate Remover is a Microsoft Excel add-in that is used for searching and processing of duplicate cells in Microsoft Excel tables. You could easily detect and remove duplicates using this add-in. This add-in allows you to search for duplicates across the entire table or a particular continuous range of cells.

Fixing Broken Links

Fix Broken Links for Microsoft Excel helps you to locate and fix broken links in Microsoft Excel linked files, for example, if you have a sales report of your company’s branches which contains the data for calculation collected from several workbooks stored in the shared folders on your employees’ computers or your company’s server. Someone has renamed one of the original files. As a result, you could not bring together your report because formulas in the final table use broken links to the table sources. Fix Broken Links for Microsoft Excel could easily solve this problem of fixing the broken links.

Similar Data Finder

Similar Data Finder is another add-in for Microsoft Excel. This tool helps to find similar values in Microsoft Excel worksheets. This also helps you to detect the mistakes while entering values in the cells and easily correct the mistakes. The users could detect and mark the incorrect cells and remove the cells with similar values.

Table Transformer

Table Transformer for Microsoft Excel is another add-in that provides you with the feature to perform the functions in tables. It allows the users to prepare tabular data for the construction of pivot tables. It also helps to divide one table into another table and join two tables into one.

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