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Tips to use Microsoft® Excel® 2007 formulas

Microsoft® Excel® 2007 is the newer version of Microsoft® Office spreadsheet program. It contains many added features and options like graphics and charts. If you are working with Microsoft® Excel® you can analyze, manage and share data with high speed and it is easy to make more informed decisions. It offers a range of improved data sharing and security and options. By using Microsoft® Excel® 2007, you can navigate, sort and filter the data easily and instantly. Microsoft® Excel® 2007 formula is more useful to make simple and complex calculations accurately.

Some formulas and useful tips for efficiently using Microsoft® Excel® 2007 formulas:
  • Sum
  • Average
  • MIN function
  • MAX function
  • Array Formulas


To calculate the sum of numbers, enter the numbers in the cell and select another cell to display result for the same operation and press ‘AutoSUM’ button located on the standard toolbar. There is another method available to calculate the sum of numbers. First, enter the numbers for the addition operation and choose a cell to print result. In that cell, specify the formula for the addition operation and pass argument as cell name.


For calculating the average of some numbers, first enter the numbers for the average calculation and select the ‘Average’ function. It is basically used to find the average or arithmetic mean of values in a selected range of cells.

MIN function

The MIN function is used to calculate the minimum value in a given list of numbers. First, enter the numbers, select them and choose the ‘MIN’ function. You can also calculate the minimum value by entering the formula of the MIN function in a cell where you want to display the result.

MAX function

To calculate the maximum number, first enter the numbers, select them and choose ‘MAX’ function. You can also enter all numbers and type formula for the MAX function in a cell where you want to display the result. Cell names can be passed as function arguments. For example =MAX(A1:A6). Here this formula is replaced by the result for the max function from the cell A1 to A6.

Array Formulas

Array formulas are very useful formulas that allow more complex calculations than standard formulas. An array formula can perform multiple calculations and then return either a single result or multiple results. The most important thing to be kept in mind while using this formula is that each argument within an array must have the same amount of rows and columns. Furthermore, an array should be entered by pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Enter’.


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