What are different issues that would occur while working in Microsoft Excel 2007?

The Microsoft Excel 2007 is a type of electronic spreadsheet program and is used widely. This application is used for storing and the manipulation of data. In the Microsoft Excel 2007 screen, you will find a group of columns and the rows. Though, this program provides great ease of use and let users perform various types of data manipulation effectively, there might be many issues with Microsoft Excel 2007. These issues can be not opening of file, opening of so many files when you start the program and some other application launching issues. These problems are caused by wrong settings with Microsoft Excel 2007, presence of non-genuine add-ins and due to infection from viruses. You need to keep your system free from all the viruses. For this, try to use the best antivirus software in the system. This would protect Microsoft Excel 2007 application free from corruption.

Following are the tips to fix issues with Microsoft Excel 2007:

  • Change the Settings
  • Solving corrupted file issues
  • Safe Mode

Change the Settings

It is seen that some of the settings could cause issues with Microsoft Excel 2007. So, it is best to adjust settings for fixing the issues like not opening of file, opening of too many files during start up etc. If you see that a particular file is not opening, then go to ‘Options’, under ‘Tools’. You need to make sure that the box which is next to ‘Ignore Other Applications’ is not checked. Opening of many files could also be solved. For this, you have to make sure that you would have the right default name in the Default File Location. This option is found in ‘General’ tab under ‘Options’.

Solving corrupted file issues

It is seen that presence of the add-ins and the corrupted files would cause many issues with Microsoft Excel 2007. These issues are mainly in startup or shutdown. You would notice error messages when such issues occur. It is seen that if the toolbar file used in the Microsoft Excel 2007 is being corrupted, you have to rename that file in order to fix it. In order to do that, firstly open the toolbar file in the Microsoft Excel 2007 and then right-click on the name for changing name. After that, when you reopen the Microsoft Excel 2007 that issue would be resolved. In order to solve corrupted add-ins issue, you need to open ‘Add-ins’ from ‘Tools’ and then clear all the check marks.

Safe Mode

This is one of the ways to solve issue with Microsoft Excel 2007. This method is used if you could not able to launch that application. For doing that, you need to open ‘Run’ from the ‘Start’. Then you have to select ‘Browse’ key for opening the Microsoft Excel folder. You have to open executable file of Microsoft Excel 2007 by clicking on file having .exe extension. In the end, you have to type /s for opening the file in safe mode. Thus, it would solve the issue in startup.