Product Review Summary and Support Phone Number for Microsoft Excel 2010


Microsoft Excel 2010 is the successor to Microsoft Excel 2007. The software is loaded with a huge number of advanced features, as compared to its earlier versions. Notable features of Microsoft Excel 2010 include slicers, sparklines, protected view and more. It also includes new data analysis and virtualization tools which allow you to track and highlight important data.


Like the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel program, Microsoft Excel 2010 will also prove to be of great help for people who are mainly involved in the commerce industry. In order to be available to the common masses also, the user interface of this program has been made friendlier so that it can be of use to home users as well.

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As compared to the earlier versions of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel 2010 program has been equipped with lots of user friendly features, making the tasks accomplished more effortlessly. The shortcomings of the earlier versions have been either eliminated or improved in order to cater to the needs of the users. The major advantage of the product is that it is extremely easy to use. You can use it without any exclusive professional training. Microsoft Excel 2010 allows you to track and highlight important data with the help of new data analysis and virtualization tools.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Introduction of Slicers Microsoft has also introduced a new feature in Excel 2010, known as slicers. These slicers are same as field drop downs in pivot tables, but the only difference is that a slicer can be moved freely anywhere in your workbook.
  • FOUR – Introduction of sparklines Another important additional feature in Microsoft Excel 2010 is the sparklines. These are miniature charts which can be easily fit inside the cells. Sparklines are introduced in three different forms of charts. The best thing about the sparklines is that they are a real fun to make and are equally useful.
  • THREE – Highly customizable ribbon As compared to ribbon of Microsoft Excel 2007, various parts of Microsoft Excel 2010 can be shut on or off and you can even add your custom shortcuts too. The menu under the icon of Windows has been provided a separate tab in a ribbon under the File menu.
  • TWO – The Paste option Depending upon the context, the helper options are made available when you click and paste in Microsoft Excel 2010. Different sets of shortcuts will be shown when you paste cells or images.
  • ONE –  The Protected View feature When you download something from the Internet, your computer is exposed to several online threats. Keeping this in view, the protected view feature has been turned on by default in Microsoft Excel 2010, so that the files that you open from the Internet are opened in Read Only format. Due to this, viruses will not enter into your computer system and you will be able to view the file without downloading it on your PC.

Microsoft Excel 2010 program comes with a range of advanced changes. The improved ribbon feature is nice and the introduction of slicers and sparklines makes your tasks much simpler and faster. If you are still using an older version of Excel program, then you are really missing out something really interesting.