Microsoft® Excel® formulas are one of the most useful features of Microsoft® Excel®. Formulas can vary from simple to complex. Once you understand the basic format of creating a formula, Microsoft® Excel® does all the calculations for you.

Using Cell references

Cell references tell the location of a cell in an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These cell references can be used in formulas. The answer for the formula can be calculated using data located in the referenced cell.

Show Microsoft® Excel® formula

Show formulas enable user to quickly have a look at all the formulas in Microsoft® Excel® Spreadsheet. It also allows you to quickly and easily check your spreadsheet for errors in the formulas.

“What if “question

“What if” questions involve changing data used in Microsoft® Excel® formulas so that you can have different answers. When planning new projects, asking “What if” questions are very useful. Cost projections for different scenarios can be easily created.

Microsoft® Excel® functions

Functions in Microsoft® Excel® are in-built formulas which are highly helpful in performing some of the common operations. So if you want to add or multiply numbers, find the average, the highest, or lowest value in a group of numbers, there is a function to help you.

Using labels in Microsoft® Excel® formula

Using labels in formulas and functions in Microsoft® Excel® is an easy way to name a block in an Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet.

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