Microsoft® Excel® 2007 is available in different versions. Users can choose according to their need. You have the choice from Microsoft® Office Professional 2007, Microsoft® Office Small Business 2007, Microsoft® Office Ultimate 2007and Microsoft® Office Standard 2007. Both the upgrade and full versions are available. If you have Microsoft Office 2003, then you don’t need to make any hardware changes in your system. Whereas, if you have version prior to that like Microsoft® Office 2000 or Microsoft® Office XP, then you need to upgrade your computer hardware to meet the requirements of Microsoft® Office 2007.

Note: Microsoft Office 2007 is a 32-bit application and can run on a Windows® 64-bit platform easily.

Professional Spreadsheets

Microsoft® Excel® creates better professional spreadsheets. Users would be able to increase their productivity to a significant level with the use of better Fluent™ user interface. You can get easy access to your favorite tools for performing specific tasks in your Microsoft® Excel® sheet. There are appropriate commands for creating table or writing formula. It helps you work faster with the use of multi-processor system due to massive data incorporating capacity.

Other Features

You would be happy to know that Microsoft® Excel® will have increased row and column. The column has been extended from one million to 16,000. You can use Cell Styles and Table Styles galleries for quick formatting of the spreadsheet. In the table, users will get AutoFilter option which will populate and expand any table automatically. You can write your formula correctly in a resizable formula bar and present the spreadsheet in a more professional way with Microsoft® Excel®.

Microsoft® Excel® helps you to put 3 D visual effects on the spreadsheet by allowing the feature of soft shadowing, and anti-aliasing. It will customize your data, if you are working in a huge group. Page Layout View of Microsoft® Excel® helps you to see the exact look of your spreadsheet before it is printed. Accordingly, you can bring changes. You would be able to adjust page margins by direct visual feedback.

Better Spreadsheet Analysis

Microsoft® Excel® helps users to do better analysis of spreadsheets. They can put rich data visualization scheme for conditional formatting. It helps them to retrieve and illustrate important information from the spreadsheet.

You can make use of color gradients, data bars and icons to segregate the different types of information on a single spreadsheet. In addition, the use of Sorting and Filtering will make your work easier to go through the information. User will get advance sorting by means of AutoFilters and quick filters. These tools are capable of sorting the data on the basis of color as well. Microsoft® Excel® 2007 is compatible to create spreadsheet for Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services.

Information Management

It helps to manage the information of your business in an effective way. You can manage your spreadsheet over a server. It will make the data or information more secure for the corporate.

Moreover, it will be easier to manage the data from a single anchormen or administrator with the use of Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007. Hence, it becomes smoother to create data connection libraries which can be termed as “trusted”. Hence, the external user, apart from administrator, would be able to get access to the data without any security threat for the organization.

Microsoft® Excel® helps to create a shared spreadsheets with others in a secure way. Microsoft® Excel® sheets can be converted into HTML coding so that it can be access over the web browser. Use of XPS and PDF formatting for the Microsoft® Excel® sheet will enable the central administrator to disallow others to do any modification in your spread sheet.