The Microsoft® Excel® Viewer is an excellent application to substitute the capabilities of Microsoft® Excel® program which is an integral part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

It is a freeware program which is deployed in the task of viewing and printing spreadsheet documents created by Microsoft® Excel®.

The scope of availability of the Microsoft® Excel® Viewer spans across Microsoft® Windows® and Windows® CE handheld PCs. It includes the NEC MobilePro®.


The Microsoft® Excel® need not be installed on your computer to open all the Microsoft® Excel® documents that you need. It can pursue this task without it.

It is to the knowledge of everyone that Microsoft® Excel® is easily one of the most essential tools for calculations, tables and statistics. It comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite and for various reasons, not everyone has it installed on a computer.

Therefore, Microsoft® Excel® documents cannot be viewed by such users, so for such cases the Microsoft Excel Viewer has been created.


  • The Microsoft® Excel® Viewer has no qualms in opening all the Microsoft® Excel® documents with added incentives like preview and zoom. There is also the provision for a search bar to ensure smooth navigation through the document quickly.
  • It is the best program to open and read all documents without the help of Microsoft® Excel®.
  • The new version of the Microsoft Excel Viewer is now available for download.

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