Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3 and its features as well as the various aspects that make the program work well.

Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3 is a powerful audio and video encoder tool that is specifically made to create intuitive and powerful rich content, as well as handling Silverlight playback scenarios. You can utilize other rich media formats, such as Media Player. You can also use the standard web formats in integration to Microsoft® applications for a powerful media experience.

Here are some of the features and aspects of Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3, as well as various issues that you might come across while installation of software application:

  • Easy preparation for encoding and a choice of codec
  • Additional tools for richer experience
  • Installation issues

Easy preparation for encoding and a choice of codec

With the Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3, one can easily do a bit of editing without going back to the nonlinear editor application that takes a lot of time. You can use basic editing features to ensure that your content is clear and visually appealing. You can cut, paste graphics, remove sections and add some overlays for added aesthetic effect. After this, you can publish your content on either VS-1 or H.264 codec. These are the standard codec tools for web streaming and videos. Apart from this, you can enjoy fast encoding of content with incredible control over output characteristics. This means that the content will not waver in quality so you can publish highly viable video and audio experiences over the web.

Additional tools for richer experience

Using caption support, Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3 can help you in referencing you existing subtitle or caption files to playback in Silverlight. You can use a variety of file types that can be converted into a sidecar file in order to maintain the quality. You can also use screen captures to feature desktop activities. In addition, you can benefit from narration to increase the viability and the affectivity of your presentation or video clip.

Installation issues

To optimize the use of Microsoft® Expression® Encoder 3, one needs to install a variety of programs to help you with live encoding. This program will run on a variety of Windows® operating systems. It requires 1 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 2 GB of hard drive, .NET Framework 4 and Silverlight application. You might also need to configure your PCs security system to allow some scripts to run.