This tool can help web developers to create expressive user interface using XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) technology. Earlier, XAML was associated with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) but the technology has evolved and now coming with Expression Studio 4 Ultimate as well. WPF means that a fine product and Windows EXEs file for Visual Studio with ant .NET application. Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

Also supports some other major development tools like VS 2010, WPF 4 and .NET 4

Expression 4 Ultimate is mainly designed for desktop computing and development but it also holds a major role in multi-platform development which are very lightweight which is only possible though Silverlight.

The latest development in Silverlight provide support for DRM (online/offline), microphones and webcams, multitouch and print printouts. All these functionalities are also available in Expression 4 Ultimate.

Some of the new features are mentioned below which has been launched with Expression Studio 4 Ultimate:

Blend and SketchFlow: This tools enables web developers to perform quick translation which can transform ideas to rich and digital product. It also helps a lot to create application intended for Silverlight and mobile applications, mainly for Windows Phone 7. The tool can be very helpful for developers who would want to develop mobile apps for the latest Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has already launched the Windows Phone 7 and it is going to be available very soon by the end of November this year.  The tool can help to build a large collection of mobile apps.

Better way for website development:

Expression Studio 4 Ultimate is considered to be the easiest tool to develop websites. It provides a streamlined way to create and manage your website. It also gives some diagnostic tools which can be used to speed up the browser compatibility test.

Easier video publishing:

It comprises a wide variety of video file formats like H.264 and VC-1 which is very easy to edit and publish. It makes the task or media distribution very easy and impressive.

User who are using this product can hope a great business opportunities in future and if you utilize the tools appropriately, it can make the web design and development task very simple and beneficial.