Do you want to create a standard and amazing website? Here is the solution.

Microsoft® Expression® Web 4 is a powerful tool that is used to conceptualize, create, manage, share, and publish standards-based websites. You can use various tools that are specially included to make sure that you get full website designed and optimization benefits for your intended design. If you are an expert designer or a beginner Microsoft® Expression® Web 4 can deliver you standard-compliant web experience. It does not only make your website design richer and integrative, but also makes your website optimized using SEO Checker to check your website against the standards, so that you can see which aspects you have to work on to in designing and polishing your website.

Here are some of the top features of Microsoft® Expression® Web 4 and some issues you might encounter when installing the program:

  • Creating visually
  • Creating using codes
  • Issues with installation

Creating visually

If you are a novice and you are not the type who is allergic to codes, you can still make a website using a state-of-the-art design surface where a user can drop down and form a website with no worries. It is very easy to drag and drop down media like Silverlight®, Windows® Media, Flash and other formats for a richer and more dynamic website. You can import files and layers from other sites to easily integrate and envision it for the web. With Microsoft® Expression® Web 4 you do not need to be an expert just to have a fun looking and functional website.

Creating using codes

If you are an expert web developer and you want to create standards-based websites, Microsoft® Expression® Web 4 supports a wide range of technologies from PHP, HTML, XML, Flash, JavaScript, audio and video webcasting and many more. You can do the simplest of web pages to the most dynamic and complex ones. The best part is that you can use The Super Preview to test if your code and designs will work in the most popular browsers. Using this feature from Microsoft® Expression® Web 4, you can detect errors per browser and you can address them so that no user will be compromised of the design of your website.

Issues with installation

There are some specific system requirements to match with to install Microsoft® Expression® Web 4. To use this product you need to have one of the following operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 or Windows Server® 2008. Beside this, you should have .NET Framework 4 to develop applications. Silverlight® 4.0 is also an essential component for designing the websites with rich content. You also need a processor with significant speed and a RAM and a hard drive of ample space to make it work properly. You might also need to configure the antivirus programs of the computer as it may be blocking some of the scripts coming from the browser which is essential for Microsoft® Expression® Web 4.