Microsoft and Apple are evolved with each other from time to time and often came in news for their engagements. The most recent example is Microsoft’s aiming to block ‘App Store’ Trademark of Apple.

It’s been hardly a secret that there is no love lost between Apple and Microsoft. These two companies are engaged with each other from a long time. They often get involved in more or less public feud, targets at each other in ads, Product launches and even comments to media.

Microsoft and Apple both are the legend IT companies. There is a race of advancement in technologies between them but in some way they interact with each other to resolve the technical disputes. Digital media plays vital role in spreading the disputes to a much greater extent.

This time Microsoft focusing to block the ‘App Store’ trademark from Apple. The main reason behind such idea is to engage the latest technology trend launched by Apple. By highlighting such ideas that ‘App Store’ is just a common term just like other store, Microsoft will be highlighted again for its valuable suggestions.

Apple launches its ‘App Store’ for third-party application software’s for iPhones but before approaching the ‘App Store’ to the public, Microsoft pulls its hands toward it. Now Apple should think a new name for its ‘App Store’ Trademark. According to Microsoft, now-a-days the name ‘App Store’ can’t be a Trademark name for a brand like Apple.

Further the associate of general council for trademark of Microsoft said that ‘App Store’ is just like any other store. It is just like a toy store or a shoe store, where you get all your stuffs. The difference in ‘App Store’ and all other store is that it just provides you application software’s for your iPhone instead of shoes or toys.

So, why should a term which is so common among the people is used for a trademark name. Microsoft raised this question, which is now highlighted to greater heights these days. Although Apple provide each and every kind of application and third-party application software support in its ‘App Store’ but still it’s not a good beginning for the online store of Apple’s iPhone applications. The latest front of Microsoft and Apple is Trademark Office and the U.S. Patent. Apple wants to trademark “App Store,” which it originally launched for third-party software platforms for iPhone. Microsoft wants to interfere with the launch of Apple’s ‘App Store’. Microsoft is pushing its hands to block the ‘App Store’ trademark of Apple.

The software giant, Microsoft has asked Patent Office to deny the Apple’s trademark filing and arguing as the term has become common among all providers of third-party application software’s. The associate of general council for trademarks said that “An ‘app store’ is just an ‘app store.’ Like ‘toy store’ or ‘shoe store’. It is a generic term which is commonly used by governments, companies and even by individuals.