Microsoft has once again entered into the smartphones arena, but this time not just releasing its mobile platform but focusing on the operating system of smartphone devices.

Microsoft may have a monopoly to manufacture one of the best selling Operating system that it has created i.e. Windows 7.  With Windows 7 phenomenal success Microsoft seeks to translate this success to the smartphone devices. Besides being the leading software manufacturer, Microsoft certainly needs to leverage its expertise in the smartphone devices.

Since its acquisition by Google, Android has been a great hit in allowing developers to create various apps and find a new definition to smartphone users in order to explore their creativity.

In its recent launch in the UK, Microsoft has claimed the Windows Phone 7 is not just an improvement in the design and functioning of the OS by an overall new product. Some of the features of Windows Phone 7 include:

  • Start screen & Live Tiles
  • Search & Maps
  • People Hub
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Internet Explorer Mobile
  • Find My Phone & Windows Live
  • Pictures Hub & Camera
  • Games Hub
  • Office Hub
  • Music + Videos Hub
  • Marketplace Hub

Smart devices operating systems such as Android and Symbian have captured a large market share which has led to flourishing market of apps. Microsoft seeks to buy into this success story as the future of the Internet is mobile.