On a general note, Microsoft® FrontPage is basically a Web design tool. With Microsoft FrontPage 2000, the software giant made an attempt to address the needs of serious developers while retaining and expanding their audience coverage.

A lot of features have been incorporated in this release and it is believed to perform much better than the others marking less dependency on Microsoft® FrontPage server extensions, and the despicable Microsoft® FrontPage Web Server.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 have been influential in merging other Office 2000 suites like Word, Excel®, etc. It has evolved as an important tool in producing decent Web pages from Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft® Access® databases. These three applications are deployed by corporate business users and intranet authors worldwide.


  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000 can be customized according to a user’s personal style through a process of code formatting options. In this way the Microsoft FrontPage will commit itself to learn and adapt to a user’s style.
  • There are also a host of other features which can be enabled on theMicrosoft FrontPage 2000. These modifications and improvisations include global search and replace, unlimited nested sub-sites, and cross-platform JavaScript compliance testing.
  • The Microsoft FrontPage 2000 also comes with a pre-built collection of objects like search engine modules and database collection forms.
  • It is also highly compatible with Office 2000 environment and have been crafted to perfectly work with RichText filled Word documents, Excel® spreadsheets, and Microsoft® Access® databases.

Finally, to sum it up Microsoft® FrontPage 2000 has come as a remarkable improved product for professional Web developers. There are many die-hard Adobe® Dreamweaver® fans who stick to visual designs. However, with the success of the Microsoft FrontPage 2000 as compared to Microsoft® FrontPage 98 Microsoft® has given a befitting reply for the criticism it has received in the past.

Microsoft® FrontPage 2000 Support

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