Microsoft® gadgets are like mini programs that can help you in accessing frequently used tools. You can use Windows® sidebar, which is a pane in the side of Windows Vista desktop, in organizing these gadgets. When you organize your gadgets in Windows® sidebar, then they will be always available to you. You can also modify the location of Windows® sidebar, according to your requirement.

In the Microsoft Outlook 2007, calendar gadget for Windows® slideshow will not synchronize calendar items in some situation. The main problem, due to which this issue occurs, was that appropriate registry keys were not updated while gadget was installed. If you want to solve this issue, then you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 and then restart the computer.

Step 2: Then click on Start and select Control Panel.

Step 3: After this, click on Hardware and Sound and then click on Windows® Sideshow.

Step 4: When you had performed this, you have to clear the Microsoft® Outlook® 2007 calendar check box in the gadget list.

Step 5: Then close the Windows® Sideshow page.

Desktop gadgets

Microsoft® gadgets can help you in performing many operations. Desktop gadgets can help you in performing many tasks easily like if you want to keep track of news and you also do not want to stop your task, then you can display news headlines right next to your open programs. In this way, you can view news and simultaneously do your task. If you want to know about the whole story of any headline, then you can click that headline, and your web browser will open directly to the story.

Working of Clock

If you want to know that what different things a gadget can perform, then you have to just right-click on it and you will see a list of things. When you will point to the Clock gadget, then you will see a Close button and an Options button near its upper-right corner. If you will right-click on Clock gadget, then you will view options like, closing the Clock, keeping it on top of your open windows and changing the Clock’s options.