According to BoardPoint Amtech analyst Schaster, “Overall, the trends continue to be very strong for Bing, and remain very bad for Yahoo,” he also wrote that “Investors hoping that tonight’s data would show stabilization for Yahoo will be disappointed…Unfortunately for Yahoo, we still do not see a bottom for its potential share loss.”

Yahoo saw the twelfth consecutive month of share loss in January, which commanded 17.5 percent in November 2009, 18 percent in October and as much as 20.4 percent in November 2008. Schachetr also wrote in the research paper that the less profitable distribution queries and the downslide is impacting Yahoo’s net revenues. This downslide will continue to impinge the perception of the company.

Yahoo downslide has make them to transfer ownership to Microsoft, it will boost Bing’s search share to 28 percent of the market. This deal also let Bing to power its search result on the back end.

Bing will continue to grab search share from Yahoo and Google in US market. It will continue even if federal regulators at the Department of Justice fail to bless the Microsoft-Yahoo search pact.

Bing is growing bigger with new technology innovation like with improving Bing Maps, adding nice features such as Bing Recipes. Recently Bing bolstered its search deal with Facebook, it will power all the social network’s Web searches in the US and overseas.

Microsoft is also taking aggressive steps such as talks with Apple to make Bing the default search engine on the iPhone. These are the steps aimed at dethroning Google in searches. Chitika claimed Google searches account for 50.5 percent of all Internet traffic on the iPhone.

Google is also not a silent viewer and the company launched Google social search and will soon roll out Google Buzz. These important efforts will socialize Google. Google will not give it up easily and being the biggest in the searches, it will take these steps seriously.