Chevrolet’s Volt the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is ready for launch in November this year. Its propulsion system will be based on general Motor’s new Voltec electric automobile platform, which is significantly different from earlier BAS Hybrid and Two-Mode Hybrid systems.

Being a new technology altogether General Motors will also be marketing it in a new way entirely.  General Motors has tied up with Microsoft for developing the first of its kind campaign. This campaign will tap the Xbox 360 to promote its electric Chevrolet Volt. Xbox along with Kinect will make it possible for general Motors to let the new car be experienced by people virtually on their TV screens. New multi-screen advertising campaign will make the people physically involved with the brand and virtually feel the new car.

Xbox is used majorly by youngsters and kids, so will this new mode of advertisement really make a difference still remains a question. Probably keeping this in mind Microsoft is coming up few other marketing strategies for General Motors. For promotion Microsoft’s game studios has developed the “Kinect Joy Ride” which lets people virtually test drive the electric car via their TV screen. To get the Keys for starting the virtual car’s engine people first need to watch a video ad in-dash on Xbox Live or on the web. Some other marketing moves by Microsoft include adding a calendar event in people calendar applications for getting a test drive of Volt. It will also give the details of the dealers in their area. Microsoft is also using the “Deep Zoom” technology within SilverLight graphics for giving an enhanced and detailed look of the car’s interior and exterior. Company is also planning to setup kiosk machine with Kinect in the promotional events by General Motors so that visitors can test ride Volt there and then.

Jim Campbell the Marketing VP of Chevrolet in U.S said “Kinect allows us to bring the excitement of the showroom to the living rooms of our customers. It’s a way for us to replicate the experience of physically involving with a product that is essential to the customers purchasing decision.”

Microsoft and General Motors is planning to start the campaign this month. As already said the outcome of this new promotional technology remains a question but it definitely will start a new era for marketing campaigns. We surely will see similar other products being marketed in similar fashion.