Google Inc, Yahoo! Inc and Microsoft Corp are ready to fight the battle online while advertising the selection to the dirty shores of wining and clearing the pitches to the world’s heaviest agencies.

The world is not enough even for the companies who have most of the market share and when technology companies are on fight it means they can do anything they want for only the global ad market of around $456 billions, as most of the companies like Gamble Co, Unilever NV, Coca Coal Co, and Procter is hosting all solutions to the customers online. These days internet is the best option after television for best marketing tool and ad agencies are taking advantages of all these opportunities.

Media analyst-Alex DeGroote- says that these days the best source of growth is ad agencies for Microsoft and Google. Google is not an expert creative worker just like an ad agency but it can guide you through search ability.

On the French Mediterranean coast, at the MADB (Microsoft Advertising Beach Club) executives came together over the matter of cocktails. In addition, Yahoo! offered interesting free flip-flops to host a seminal while flying in comedian Ben Stiller. On another hand, Google is always ready to server up YouTube showing best of events and advertising products on a digital board.

The world largest and leading advertising companies like Havas SA, WPP Plc, Interpublic Group of Cos, Omnicom Group Inc. and Publicis Groupe SA are working hands in hands very closely with full enthusiasm with Google, Microsoft and others for just for the sake of display and search advertising, evaluating growth in online video ads and training staff in digital field.

Google’s biggest customer is considered WPP and ad agencies place most of their ads with Google giving Google a value of more than $900 millions every year. Google’s head-Damian Burns-of global agency locations said that we are earning a lot of value and revenue through the offer of WPP and we can go into any WPP agreement without any second thinking and show the demand to the world. We have the ability to invest with agencies in research.

Internet companies and ad agencies came together to create digital ad campaign. Worldwide interactive creative officer-Tom Eslinger-said that the time has come when we should think of a great idea offering valuable search but still ad agencies are still not executing it. There are people who have lots of brain and we are proud to say that we are one having it.

Microsoft’s earning from advertising is more than $3billions a year or a bit more than 6% of overall sales, Microsoft’s corporate vice president-Darren Huston-for online and consumer. The main source of Google income is advertising and it took over $5.06 billions in the first quarter of this year and is reported to increase it in coming years.

According to media analyst-Andrew Frank, Google has a strategic position just because of the advertising and a large number of agencies are investing in display and on bidding.