Microsoft® Home is a list of software designed for all different purpose and environments. The products were divided into categories like – Entertainment, Kids, Home Productivity and Reference & Exploration.


In the past, games were compatible with MS-DOS®. However, later with the release of Microsoft Windows 3.1x, Microsoft® Home developed numerous entertainment programs that implemented the new technologies of Microsoft® Windows®.


Microsoft® Home software for kids was very famous not only for home use, but also in school and educational institutions. Microsoft® proved the world that the personal computer can be used by the whole family.

Reference & Exploration

Microsoft® Home Reference applications brought information to Multimedia Personal Computers – it was a great way of presenting and exploring information before the World Wide Web became popular.

Most of these products were released on CD-ROM, giving the software the ability to display high-resolution graphics and animations, and play high-quality waveforms and MIDI files.

Microsoft® Home Support Center

Computers have become an important part of our life. And, almost every computer run Microsoft® home products. While running these programs you often face problem. If you encounter any computer related problem, then only a technician can assist you.

Certified Technicians diagnose software & hardware related errors with your Microsoft® products and desktop computer.