Microsoft is working hard to compete with the search master Google and is constantly emerging with new ideas and additions into its search engine BING. BING has been into existence for quite some time now but still it is in the evolution phase. Microsoft has recently tied up its hands with other giants of the market to enhance the search and the results of BING search. Microsoft collaborated with the British Library for displaying the contents of its millions of books when searched by any user. These steps were taken to introduce BING in the European community where Google is still the first choice. Microsoft tied hands with Facebook to display additional Facebook specific information in BING’s search result. If you search for any person on BING and if that person is there on Facebook then you can see the entire public information of that person in BING results page.

As a latest move Microsoft announced on Wednesday that they will incorporate TV clippings in the BING search results . These TV clips will be taken from the BING TV and will show the clips of programs that user searches for. It clearly looks as if Microsoft is trying to duplicate what Google has been doing for years. If you search for any song or video in Google then Google lists the songs video from Youtube on its search results page. This feature of Google is quite old and is liked a lot by people. A similar move is taken by Microsoft by including the BING TV clips in its search results with a little extras in it. Along with the clip it will also show the program guide, its telecast time etc on the results page.

BING TV or BING Entertainment was started earlier in 2010 and it was powered by the huge video library of HULU, CBS entertainment and few other sources. By using the videos hosted at HULU, CBS BING TV promises to offer 1500 shows and more than 20000 full TV episodes. BING TV has become a bit of success but there is lot which needs to be done on this front. Incorporating BING TV with BING search is a good move but it hard to say how efficient the search would be, because BING TV offers only TV shows and past TV episodes. If Microsoft is targeting Google’s Youtube then they need to come up with something like Youtube so that they have video for every possible show or event which user’s possibly search for. Whatever the outcome be but one thing is for sure that in coming years Google for sure will face serious competition by BING.