Microsoft® Office InfoPath® 2007 is an information-assembling program, which has been included in the Microsoft® Office 2007. With the application, you can make and position e-forms solutions to get information expeditiously and dependably. The capabilities of Microsoft InfoPath Forms Services can also be used to increase your business processes beyond your corporate firewall. It can also be used to deliver forms such as Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail messages, Web browser forms or forms for mobile devices.

Collect Information Expeditiously and Reliably

Microsoft InfoPath 2007 makes information assembling more easily with the help of e-forms that reach the necessary participants easily, decrease extra data entry and enhances the quality of the collected data.

With the help of InfoPath® forms solutions, you reach more users by giving them an easy form fill-in experience across Web browsers, e-mail messages or mobile devices.

  • With InfoPath® 2007, you get the correct information and at the first time, it provides real-time validation, pre-populated fields and connections to necessary sources of information.
  • Microsoft® InfoPath® 2007 solutions are fully unified with the Microsoft Office system to give powerful electronic forms in a familiar package.

Centralize forms management and control

Office InfoPath® 2007 and Office SharePoint® Server 2007 combine to centralize, deploy and manage forms throughout your organization.

  • InfoPath® Forms Services of Office SharePoint® Server 2007 allows you to control your forms solutions by giving centralized management of electronic forms for the entire company.
  • Office SharePoint® Server 2007 gives a combined portal. It also gives a forms and content management solution for your organization to help you manage electronic forms in the same manner as other important business functions.
  • InfoPath® Forms Services allows you to decrease solution downtime by giving easy upgrades, version management and monitoring tools.

Streamline forms-driven business processes

Office InfoPath® 2007 integrates easily with your current business applications and systems using industry standards so you can automate existing business processes without having to reinvent them.

InfoPath® form solutions provide an easy way for your organization to gather and present information from your existing line-of-business systems using the familiar Office interface.

Office InfoPath® 2007, Office SharePoint® Server 2007, and Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006 combine to deliver a comprehensive solution for optimizing business processes.

Advanced form design and development tools enable Office InfoPath® 2007 to streamline complex processes using dynamic, interactive forms that connect users to the right data.

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