Microsoft® has recently launched its latest Microsoft® instant messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8. This new product from Microsoft® has been quite a boon to all users worldwide and is basically an all-round instant messenger.

It has been packed with a lot of enviable features like advanced voice and video communication abilities, integrated collaboration tools etc. There is also the provision for other significant features like PC-to-phone, SMSing.

The new Microsoft Instant Messenger is breaking new grounds with its ability to integrate everything; right from live collaborative photo viewing to search results sharing. This is a good indication of how the instant messaging platform will be playing a pivotal role in the future of conferencing, collaboration and live presentation activities online.


The latest Microsoft Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger is the software giant’s most popular IM client. It is currently in beta stage.

Windows Live Messenger Beta has been in the good book of critics and admirers alike and has been recommended the next-generation MSN Messenger.

It is only natural that users will be a little apprehensive about a new product and since it means moving out of the comfort zone of using an already existing product, the new Windows Live Messenger has an impressive set of integrated features and capabilities which can arouse the interest and enthusiasm in anyone.


The latest Microsoft Instant Messenger from Microsoft® has all the features already existing in Microsoft® Messenger. This includes the regulars like contact list, emoticons, winks, and connecting to your friends via text, voice, and video.

The Windows Live® Messenger apart from possessing these features, also has other significant and new features.

  • Conferencing activities get a boost although confined to a one-to-one collaboration setting.
  • There is a new feature called Application sharing.
  • White boarding is a file sharing application which is accessible directly from within the new IM.