The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, or more popularly known as DECE, is a consortium backed by massive 58 high tech and content providing companies which include Warner Brothers, Paramount, NBC Universal and Lionsgate on the content side. They also include Microsoft, Intel, HP Samsung, Sony and Panasonic on the tech side.

Netflix and Comcast are the content deliverers who are also on board and could prove vital in the new endeavor Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem wants to pursue. Sony is a sort of ringleader on this one because the Sony Pictures CTO Mitch Singer is currently working as the president of DECE.

It is not hard to notice that there are a couple of conspicuous absences on that list and two of the most important being Apple and Disney. Disney has its own working version called KeyChest while Apple has declined to get involved at all, maybe because it has its own iTunes ecosystem. DECE’s project has just been officially named UltraViolet.

This is what is called a digital locker system. The main idea is for the customer to be given some sort of token or proof of purchase after they buy a movie. That same token will allow the customer to watch the movie on a variety of specific devices for no extra charge at all. Ideally, it will be streamed over the internet to mobile devices or set-top boxes that are hooked up to televisions.

Play Nice For the UltraViolet Project

It is expected that there will be many obstacles to this kind of system. However, getting all these companies to play nice is the main problem at hand. It is very doubtful that they will agree on one of the most important topics, which is pricing. There is also a consensus as to where all of these files will be hosted and with which protocol they will be delivered. There is no indication of who exactly will be making the needed devices or designing the apps for the project. Would Apple be willing to agree if an app like that existed? Would Google even entertain the idea?

A Long Way to Go For UltraViolet

This kind of project will benefit most of the loyal consumers of online media because they do not have to pay over and over to watch their movies using different devices and websites. It seems unfair when half the world is taking advantage of the piracy that is rampant due to the freedom to share media. This will take a lot of hard work from all of the companies involved. It will most likely come into fruition after several years because this kind of project needs a whole lot collaboration on the company’s parts and no one is seeing this happen within the next two years.

The service is definitely far from ready, but the press releases that went out today promises that DECE will start testing the UltraViolet sometime this year. DECE promises to update the public of its status and the progress of this project.