The Windows Intune is used for simplifying the way through which the businesses can manage as well as can secure the PCs with the help of using the cloud services of Windows and also the Windows 7 operating system so your computers as well as the users would also be able to operate at their peak performance and that too in a virtual manner from any place. The Windows Intune is considered to be a comprehensive solution which includes the malware protection, PC management, the upgrades of the Windows and much more.

Services of Windows Intune

There are lots of things which can be achieved when you use the beta cloud service of Windows Intune. You can easily manage all of the updates, can protect the PCs from the malware, and proactively monitor the PCs. You can also provide the remote assistance, track the hardware as well as the software inventory and can also set the policies for the security.

Versions on which Intune is supported

The client software of Windows Intune is supported by both of the 32 bit as well as the 64 bit versions of the operating systems of Windows 7 Enterprise, professional and ultimate, Windows Vista enterprise, business and ultimate and laos the Windows XP professional service pack 2 or the recommended one is service pack 3.


There are no additional requirements of the hardware that are needed by the client software of the Windows Intune for the operating systems of Windows 7 or the computers that are based on Windows Vista operating system. However, in order to install the client software on the computers that are based on Windows XP one would need to have the CPU clock speed of 500 MHz or even more and a minimum of 256 MB of the RAM. You would also need the rights of the Administrator on the computer in order to complete the installation of the client software of the Windows Intune. For the sake of accessing the web console of the Windows Intune the administrator would need to access the web browser which is able to support the Silverlight version 3.0 like it can be the Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. In order to install the client software of Windows Intune on the computers having the service pack 2 version of Windows XP professional you would need to install some other additional software.

Microsoft has also increased its beta trail of the PC management service of the Windows Intune from 1,000 of the users in North America to a number of 10,000 for the businesses in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Ireland and Germany. The Intune was launched in the April and it allows the IT staff for monitoring as well as managing the PCs of the company remotely with the help of one cloud based console. The cost of this service is $11 a month for one PC. It has also been said by Microsoft that it would be offering the Intune to the firms related to IT services who are offering the customers with remote support and management. Microsoft also plans to release the final release of the service at the start of the next year in those countries having beta version with larger expansion globally to follow through the year 2011.