After the failure of Windows Vista, Microsoft was concerned about the success of new operating system, Windows 7. The efforts of system developers paid off and as it can be claimed now, Windows 7 has become one of the most admired operating system in existence. Due to user friendly interface and lots of applications to enjoy, you also might be the one who is willing to install this OS on your system. The security standards provided by Microsoft were appreciable but new family of malware application however this is now troubling developers.

Reasons and solutions

Various security measures were taken into consideration while developing the OS. It is equipped with firewall and other security measures to avoid penetration of the viruses or Trojans.  Microsoft is releasing emergency patch to stop attack of highly dangerous malware that is making use of weakness of .LNK files. These re more commonly shortcuts files to various applications. You can see shortcuts on desktop. When you click on them applications runs. These shortcuts can be autorun like in case when you connect USB to system. It was facility that was provided to make system more user friendly but now it is proving to be weakness of the system.

This weakness was also present in the previous versions of Windows but it is used by hackers for first time. They have developed a new virus named ‘Sality’. According to the officials at Microsoft, Sality is very dangerous as it infects other files and does not allow their removal at ease. It also starts downloading of other malware products. It also plays vital role in disability of security. Increase in attempts made MICROSOFT to think seriously over the vulnerability of the OS. Thus they are set to release update to fight against malware.

Though Microsoft officials were looking sensitive about scenario, the patch was not ready at the press release which cought the media by surprise.

Windows7 passes Vista

Though this new problem is challenging security of the Windows7, it is not affecting the popularity of this new OS. According to the latest news, Widows7 has passed Vista, its predecessor, in the market. Windows Vista never managed to achieve this glory by surpassing XP. Windows XP is currently the market leader though its market share is under steady fall. It was not possible for Vista to pass XP due to its failure. Currently XP holds 54.89 percent of market shares. Widows7 achieved spot over Vista by holding 19.56 percent of market share. Vista holds 18.82 percent. Though Vista is not that much popular it still leads Mac OS x and Linux. Mac holds 5 percent of the market whereas statistics for Linux goes down below 1 percent which is 0.74. Pundits are hoping Windows7 to cross leader XP in near future.