Microsoft has launched the website,, to encourage users of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to upgrade to the latest version of the web browser. With the announcement by Microsoft of planning to do away with IE6 and the launch of a countdown for the old version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9 will have better positioning.

internet Explorer 6 is a very popular browser in China, South Korea, India and Taiwan. This browser has very marginal usage in US. Even the introduction of the new and powerful IE8 and IE9, have not been able to restrict the growth of competitive Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The IE6 has been and continues to be a stronghold in business environments, and upgradation of web based applications, built around the IE6 as also, Intranets designed around the IE6, can be quite difficult and cumbersome. Even though the IE6 has had various security issues, forcing people to move to the IE7, the population of IE6 usage is still quite large.

With Microsoft announcing practical closure of Windows XP by 2014, the IE6, which was originally launched with Windows XP, will become obsolete. It is but natural that the IE6 warnings start well in advance. Over a year ago there was already a large hype announcing the closure of IE6. Today, after over a year, the IE6 browser still has a large presence. The ten year old browser needs to go. As of today, with over 12 percent users globally, it does not make sense terminating support.

With this campaign of IE6 death watch, when the user base reduces to 1/2 or 1 percent, ending total support is feasible. Various websites, including Microsoft’s own website, have put up various tools, guidelines, codes, and support information, to help web developers systematically close their IE6 developments, and migrate to newer browsers. This advanced information and benefits of moving to a better browser resources, will definitely help industry move to the next platform in a structured manner. Various organizations have taken steps to eliminate the IE6 and move to IE8 and IE9.