The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 service is the most advanced version of the CRM program that facilitates midsize industries to help to follow their clients. This program is now made available for their on location usage as well as by partnering with Microsoft in terms of a hosted solution. The news of the arrival of the Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011 services comes around exactly a month after Microsoft launched a version of the CRM service that had already been hosted on the company’s servers. It had originally been planned to roll out the 2011 version of CRM by the end of the month in order to allow additional testing of the program. There are several enhanced features included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 program works in a manner as prescribed by the user. The Small Business version is directly incorporated into Microsoft Outlook as well as other Microsoft Office applications. This allows the user to work within the recognizable and secured environment of Outlook. This will further facilitate the employees to quickly understand the program and start using the tools and services that it offers for the benefit of the companies’ turn over.

The latest version of CRM 2011 program will allow easy handling of customer administration and will help in maintaining customer relationship. The tasks that can be efficiently performed by them include managing e-mail and business contacts. This will also help to manage the appointment calendar without the need to leave Outlook.

With enhanced ability to synchronise data, customers can access information from anywhere in the world. The mobility features of the CRM 2011 services allow the user to make use of the tools offered by the program irrespective of where he is located. The service provided with built in intelligence helps in improving the productivity of an organization through automation. The other feature of the CRM 2011 program is that it allows the users to create a profile for his workplace that will be able to deliver immediate information about the clients and their related activities. This allows the user to make the program work as per the business needs. Thus, Microsoft Dynamic CRM is likely to revolutionise the working of small scale industries.