In this tech era you all use different kinds of gadgets but computers is the biggest used gadget. Now days you will see computer everywhere around you, in offices, at homes, in shops and patrol pumps stations etc. Computer is everywhere and when you hear the Computer word you must got a name in your mind which is Microsoft, yes the operating systems tycoon. Microsoft has given us so many great programs such as Windows Operating Systems and their Office suite.

All Windows operating systems are very popular and people are using Windows operating systems and Office Suites because Microsoft has gained a good will of users. The most famous and still in use Windows operating system is Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2002 and Office 2007 both are also very well.

Microsoft created different kinds of programs as well as phones. Microsoft’s smart phones are very popular in all over the world, recently Microsoft has launched its Windows phone 7 which has great qualities and new technology and that’s why people are liking it so much. Microsoft is giving us many things for a long time to improve our living standards, by using Microsoft products and programs you can get a great experience while you are using its operating systems, Office suites and Smart phones.

Now days Microsoft is bringing a newly discovered zero days exploit in Windows which can be leveraged to bypass privilege protections to obtain full system control. Microsoft has publicly posted exploit works on Vista and Windows 7 systems. According to a blog malware technology specialist at security firm Prevx, the vulnerability also affects Windows XP and server 2008 and 2003.

What makes the bug alarming that it can be used to run authorized software or programs even on machines that don’t run with administrator rights or contains user Access Control. There is a feature introduce in Windows Vista that enables administrators to set up rights so users can run most applications but with limited advantages.

In Windows using a limited account gives you a great advantage over the malware because it limits the vulnerable surface and because of that the malware can damage. Group manager of response communications at Microsoft, Jerry Bryant said that because this is a local elevation of privilege issue, it requires attackers to be already able to execute code on a targeted machine. He said that they will continue to investigate the issue and when done, they will take appropriate action to protect our customers and the internet ecosystem.

He said that Microsoft takes any reports of vulnerabilities in our products seriously.