Bing also known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search which is a web search engine being advertised as ‘decision engine’ straightly a creation of Microsoft. The Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer unveiled Bing on 28th of May 2009 at the All Things Digital conference in San Diego. From 3rd June onwards it went complete online ready for the users to search things.

Bing being a search engine offers Like-based result for which the credit goes to its Facebook alliance but Microsoft can’t be at the profit of being without a monopoly on Twitter data.  The CEO of Microsoft and Twitter met at breakfast and the online marketing community is kept in wonder of as no one knows on what acquisition they talked about over coffee.

It is being reported that as Steve Ballmer of Microsoft and Dick Costolo of Twitter were sharing a brunch together few days ago. Though as a surprise none of the sources had made any comment on the nature of the meeting. But it was followed in a meeting confirming that Microsoft senior director of corporate strategy and acquisitions Fritz Lanman that Microsoft had tried to acquire Facebook. And now everyone is thinking whether Bing or twitter merger was in the work or not.

When Microsoft corp. tried to buy Facebook, it failed miserably to acquire the social network but did manage to land up with some much- coveted social dates. With a galloping rise in the search engine Microsoft cannot manage to get a competitive edge among the consumers and marketers from a deal with twitter and as a counter reaction Google may not like this.

In the last week, only Google had made a grand announcement that the social sitelinks within the search results are now made available to the users who create a Google profit. Users can see their friends’ content posted on twitter and other profile pages in the search results itself. A recent Microsoft / twitter alliance may disrupt this social development on the search engine

Bing got the following content which was quite innovative of Microsoft like dictionary, images, health, finance, local, maps, news, recipe etc.  It comes with many different languages and is basically set up for delivering its search results in many more international recognized languages.

There has been a rumor about another Groupon acquisition. But as a change this time the would-be suitor is reportedly Google. As everyone knows Groupon is no stranger to acquisition rumors as Yahoo was reportedly in talks to purchase in the daily deals site earlier this year. As it is crystal clear that this deal about Yahoo! obviously didn’t go through and Yahoo opted to launch its own Local Offers service earlier this week.

Kara Swisher has been saying according to multiple sources that now its Google’s turn at the negotiating table. Speculating that the price  at a microscopic level that it could be above the $2 billion to $3 billion offered by Yahoo, Swisher also makes a note that talks aren’t complete and indeed, may not end up going anywhere but when both the companies  Google and Groupon were contacted  and neither company would comment on these reports.