Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 is going to start from 1st week of January which is just two weeks ahead. Of course like before the companies will present their upcoming products that they are planning to release and we will come across with lots of new technologies and exciting gadgets. This time in the 2011 CES, the prime focus will be on the tablets and the companies were preparing themselves to be pushed off to take the lead in the market in the upcoming year. According to The New York Times, the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer might boaster new Slate style tablets at the keynote address on January the 5th 2011. As Microsoft failed to carry out on the tablet-front this year, they are hoped to use the same keynote in the upcoming CES with added features.

New York Times also added that Ballmer this time is heading on at Apple’s iPad and might show Windows 8 Tablet functionality and further devices running the similar Operating System in his keynote address. In addition Microsoft will also show devices from Dell and Samsung running Windows 7 with its touch-centric interface and will also present exclusive devices with efficient slide-out keyboards. The Samsung’s tablet running on Windows OS is supposed to have a slide-out sleek keyboard and will have features similar to the iPad. So Microsoft is giving pressure to their developers to give more emphasis on creating web applications based on HTML 5 rather than the native one and by now are not meant to be sold at Microsoft Market place.

According to the sources the most important part of this event will be the Microsoft’s CEO, Mr. Ballmer affectation devices running with its new Operating System-Windows 8. As reported last/earlier Microsoft planned to release Windows 8 and will make it hit the market by 2011. In the last CES held in 2010, Microsoft at that time came up with HP slate but it took almost 10 months to come up with it. But probably Microsoft is not going to repeat the same mistake again this time.

Goldman Sach’s Analysts raised concerns last weekend in relation to the potentiality of Microsoft in 2011 by means of a deterrent note of losing out partial due on their move towards the mobile devices. Microsoft is willing to take over the market so is much concerned about where their position will be in the market with regards to their tablets in accordance with its major rivals like Blackberry and few more enterprises.

Probably it can’t be assured of whether its chitchat or really Microsoft is heading with Windows 8 in the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show event going to be held on 2011. But if it’s true than according to the sources Microsoft is making an elegant move which will help them out in focusing themselves in the tablet segment market.