Microsoft® Movie Maker is a software for creating and editing video. It is a product from software giant, Microsoft® (as the name suggests). There are a host of features embedded in this software which includes effects, transitions, audio track, timeline narration, and auto movie.

There is also a provision in Microsoft Movie Maker for making new effects and transitions and also modifying the existing ones using XML code.

The software can also be used as a basic audio track editing program. It has the propensity to apply basic effects to audio tracks. These tracks are exported later in the form of a audio file instead of a video file.

Recent Developments

There have been a lot of developments lately in Microsoft® Movie Maker. It is a well-known fact that it failed along with the failure of Windows Vista. However, Microsoft® has decided to come up with a new version, Windows Live™ Movie Maker. The replacement will be available in a suite of programs called Windows Live™ Essentials which is a free download from Windows Live™.

But for Microsoft Movie Maker die-hards, it comes as sad news that the Windows Live Movie Maker will not have the same features as the previous version.

Features :

  • The features of Microsoft Movie Maker are plenty and include powerful video editing tools for home users which can even be deployed by semi-professional video productions.
  • There is also a provision for importing different formats with the ability to capture straight from a DV camera through firewire.
  • There are other features in the Export format like transitions, non-linear editing, effects and titles

The Microsoft Movie Maker can be installed and downloaded with good technical Support Services for Microsoft® which not only helps in the above tasks but can also help in overall maintenance of the software. Although, there are various Microsoft support service provider mushrooming everywhere, a major player which stands apart is Technical Services.