Ball is heading towards the goal post, It’s about to get in and there comes the defender to save it. Excitements in the sports are unexplainable and can not be avoided. What would be your reaction if someone claims that excitement in the ground can be brought to the home? Above that what is if you are a part of that game? Well, this is what 3D gaming defines. You will feel as if you are currently on the ground and recent goal is done by none other than you! It sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, you have to wait for such an enormous experience for few more years. Microsoft was found quoted that to bring 3D gaming in reality is quiet expensive than expected. The gaming world was thrilled when Microsoft declared few weeks ago that they are going to bring the dream into reality. It also claimed they have this plan on the top of their agenda. What the reporters and experts heard in the E3 press conference earlier this week was completely different from their claimed 3D strategy. Thus it seems like gamers all over the world need to have more patience to gain live experience.

Microsoft UK division official said that though the recent launch of televisions and laptops with 3D functionality in electronic consumer market is going to create craze in the upcoming era, the hardware used to acquire this technology is well behind the budget of the ordinary customers. Microsoft products always lie on or little above the average consumer capability. So it is quiet obvious that to acquire high paying rich customers, Microsoft won’t leave their grip on the budget consumer market. Many experts made assumption that when Sony declared that they are going to bring 3D technology in gaming, Microsoft will also take part in competition.

Though Microsoft has changed their mind in 3D strategy, they are not going to be quiet. Officials said that instead they will invest into newly acquired Kinect technology which actually defines motion sensing for gaming. It is developed for Xbox 360 platform. With the help of Kinect, you can play games without even touching game controller. It directs the game motions through natural user interface that includes detection of gestures or commands given by user etc. The interface follows the commands and performs actions in game.

As we all know that to watch the 3D TV we must have special type of glasses. These glasses cost around 100 pounds and are very delicate. If you have a child in the house then you must have to protect glasses from breaking. If you were spectacles than 3D glasses wont fit on your eyes. Now in region like UK where 66% of the population uses glasses, this type of technology will result in nothing but loss of company. Microsoft thus referred 3D technology in entertaining electronic devices as a ‘fad’ to which they were claiming a revolution few days ago. Microsoft’s decision, no doubt, is going to make roots of Sony in the gaming market if they come up with 3D in near future.