Microsoft has been in the news for its plan to purchase over 800 plus of Novells patent for $450 million by CPTN holdings (which is formed by the top tech giants including Mircosoft, Oracle, Apple and EMC early last December). Though as per recent news CPTN holdings has been heard to withdrawn the offer of merger with Novell of FCO filing stating that it is just a procedural method and they wanted the FCO to study the filed document in detail before the start of merger.

European regulators are keenly looking into the issue of this proposed merger and did mention few negatives initially but European Commission Vice president Joaquin Almunia had cleared that doubt by stating that there was not much issue that is bothering the EU merger Regulation act till now as per the details he has recieved about the Aquisition.

On answering a query placed by a European Parliament member from UK Emma Mc Clarkin, EU commission clearly mentioned that this proposed merger deal of patents by CPTN Holdings doesnt lead to any infringement of law of European Union commission.

Some have showed concern on the fact that If Microsoft does aquire over the Novell Patents, it will definitely give an extra mileage to Microsoft and the consumer does loose out on choice options and get victimised to high pricing. So that was the qualm which EU is likely to restudy to clear consumers of their doubts about the Competition laws.

Though CPTN holdings has withdrawn there initialy FCO filing on 30th December 2010 stating it as a procedural method, they are intending to re-file the FCO as soon as the discussions come to a finalized state. This act of CPTN Holding has been considered a smart move so that they can brush out of the critic’s strokes.

Those who are most alarmed over this move are the developing market for open source software. This Aquisition will directly hit the open source market as concerns are openly expressed by significant open source companies and bodies like (FSFE) Free S/w Foundation Europe and also from OSI (Open Source Initiative) from US. German Federal Cartel office has constantly recieved faxes and open recommendations from various open source firms and developers across the globe after the aquisition proposal was made.

CPTN has withdrawn its offer but definitely not for long, they have been facing a tough competition from Free Software for a long time. But this move is a direct threat as few of the Novells patent are directly related to it. Microsoft charges for the use of its software but this Free Software programs were a tough competition and which actually helped for a reasonable pricing for the consumers. This move will unleash and help Microsoft to gain Supremacy.

Unfortunately after all the qualms the issue is still stuck where Novell will be acquired by Attachmate but Microsoft Aquisition of the 800 plus patents of Novell is already an agreed factor.

The Vice president of Novell Miguel de Icaza who is currently looking into the Mono project said that the Mono project will run as it is only the salary payer that changes from Novell to Attachmate. This has sounded relief but did it really in the present scenario?